60 days to go…

I’ve started my training. My pack is all done up for the most part and weights in at 14 lbs. Last Sunday Sandy and I took a walk from home to the forks on the frozen Assiniboine River. I wore my pack and things went well. The Gregory really does a great job of transferring the weight to my hips and legs. We did 7.8 km and I felt good at the end.

Then I took the pack to work on Monday and walked home on the river for 6.7 km. I got home a bit tired with a little pain in my right foot. Tuesday I did it again, man I felt it then! My right foot is acting up and my back, just under the shoulder blades hurt quite a bit.

I took Wednesday off to the give the body some healing time… My back feels much better today, but I still have some aching from my right foot. I’m hoping its just from strengthening the foot and ankle from the very bad sprain I suffered from last May. The sprain hurt off and on right up to this past January. I kind of worry about that on the walk, but as Sandy pointed out, what’s the worst that can happen, not matter what I’m spending 5 weeks in Spain. She’s a smart lady.