Home-front support

I wanted to take a moment to mention those around me that support me in my dream. I think sometimes these people are easy to forget in the excitement that is the mental and physical preparation for the Camino.

They are my family, friends, and even the company I work for (who thought it was so cool and even offered to change my pay over the past year so I don’t miss any pay cheques while on the Camino). They are the cheerleaders, ego-boosters, and confidants.

So, to my wife Sandy who will have to deal with house and home for 5 weeks without a partner and still encourages and cajoles; thank you!

To my sons Kieran and Aleksander who are indulgent of the time I spend on this; thank you!

To my friends, Rick, Chris, Michelle, Kelly, Jennifer, Penny, Clint, Johnny, Gord, Marg, and others, who have for the past two years put up with my fluctuations from enthusiasm to “What the hell am I thinking?”; thank you!

To my workplace co-workers, HR, and owners for all the support and well wishes; thank you! To all the people everywhere that support these mad and wonderful endeavours; thank you!