Eight more

Eight more sleeps before I leave for Europe; eleven more until I start my real journey.

I’m starting to hit my stride, less worried and more excited and eager about the trip. Not an hour goes by with some of my thoughts travelling to Spain. I feel more together and more self- assured. I had been worried to late as to whether I would be able to complete the Camino. But now, I’ve got my confidence back and feel good. I’ve concluded that if for some reason I can’t finish, it just means that I have a new starting point next time. Either way, I’m good with it.

I’ve done a lot more walking lately, with full pack, satchel and water bottle (although I have yet to find a comfortable way of carrying it). It feels good. The pack, a Gregory z55, feels very comfortable with almost all of the weight transferred to my hips and the spine of the pack is designed with a gap so most of my back gets air. Also, now that I’ve changed the lacing style on my shoes I’m feeling significantly less discomfort. This is a good thing.

Friday night I’m having dinner with some friends at my favourite restaurant (Salvadoran), and this weekend I intend to spend with my Sandy and the kids as it’s my last before I leave.