Foot work

I’ve been having some foot pain lately; the top of my right foot to be exact. Doesn’t matter which shoes I’m wearing either. It is thought to be tendonitis and it is suggested that I shouldn’t stress the foot for a week or so. Okie doke. One week of taking it easy for me. It still leaves me about two weeks of training before I catch leave fro St. Jean.

I did find that using a different lacing method has helped in minimizing the pain during the day at work. This is a good thing.

I’m down to the small little things of the preparation phase. Buying compression straps and such. Oh, I also bought some nice string from MEC to hang my shell from. Sandy and I made a couple of clay shells for the walk; one for my neck and one to tie to a walking stick. I should post pictures of the shells as they turned out rather nice.

We are hoping to have a nice dinner with some friends before I leave. I really hop that works out as La Fiesta Cafesito is an amazing local restaurant that specializes in Salvadoran food. The owner sings throughout the night, and he’s quiet good!