Here is a list of what I’m packing for the Camino Frances.

  • Tilley hat (wearing)
  • Gregory z55 pack
  • MEC sleeping bag & silk liner (pack)
  • 2 pair of trousers with zip-off legs (wear 1/pack 1)
  • 1 shirts (wear 1)
  • 3 pairs of socks (wear 1/pack 2)
  • Keen Targhee II shoes (wearing)
  • Keen sandals (pack)
  • travel towel (pack)
  • Wenger Evogrip 10 pocket knife (pack)
  • light jacket/windbreaker (pack )
  • fleece (pack)
  • camera & cable (pack)
  • recorder (satchel)
  • headlamp (pack)
  • sunglasses (prescription) (pack)
  • neck wallet (wear)
  • sigg 1-litre water bottle w/pouch
  • mini satchel (pack)
  • t-shirt (pack 1)
  • 2 briefs (wear 1/pack 1)
  • wrist and ankle brace
  • Walking the Camino de Santiago
  • Camino de Santiago Map


  • razor (pack)
  • toothbrush (pack)
  • soap (pack)
  • toothpaste (pack)
  • sunscreen (pack)
  • first aid items (pack) (ibuprofen, safety pins, needle, thread, moleskin, band-aids)
  • paper and pencil (pack)
  • ID papers
  • printed itinerary and contact info

3 Responses

  1. Donna Warenko
    Donna Warenko at ·

    I loved reading your blog. I am off on Feb 26, 2012 to walk the whole camino and my husband will be joining me for the last week. I live in Pinawa and will be attending the meeting in Winnipeg on November 15th. Will I meet you there?

  2. Randal
    Randal at ·

    I have just finished reading your Blog…. every word. Great…. couldn’t stop reading.
    We are from Thunder Bay and hope to start our Camino in Sept/12.
    Thank you for sharing!