Online Equipment sales – there are tons of site. Here are some that I’m familiar with:

There are many more! Go forth and Google!

Also, if you are ordering from the States and you need an American address to ship to, try Pembina Parcel. They charge a small amount per parcel and you can make a day trip to pick up your orders.

Other Online Resources

And finally, here is a lovely place to stay in St. Jean Pied de Port: L’Esprit du Chemin

Oh, and if you spend the night in Foncebedon, you ned to eat here – La Taberna de Gaia

Additional Notes:

I give occasional talks for the local chapter of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims. Usually I discuss equipment and take general questions about the camino.

There has been some interest in my notes, so here they are:


  • Pack – get it sized! See a professional. Try it one for awhile and test it on more than just one day
  • Sacks – one for clothes, one for toiletries (which pack into two ziploc bags), net for laundry (if you like)
  • Sleeping bag – make sure it meets the needs of the season, I found a dual thickness works well (one side is has more insulation than the other)
  • Silk bag liner – I found it to be a good thing to have, using it inside the sleeping bag on cold nights, and using it alone on hot nights
  • Sleeping pad – never seen one used
  • Poles, stick – really consider one or the other, you will thank me later. If you are using expandable walking sticks, get two


  • Satchel – very handy in the evenings
  • Guidebook/Map – share with other pilgrims as none are perfect
  • Water bottle – at least 1 litre
  • Clothes pins
  • TP
  • Grocery bag for litter
  • First aid/Blister kit – needle, tread, safety pins, moleskin, comfree, ibuprofen
  • Toiletries/Laundry etc. – razor, toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, sunscreen (in a small sack)
  • Towel
  • Utility Knife – nail care, etc.
  • Head Lamp/Flashlight – useful in late/early packing and early walking when looking for Camino arrows
  • Passport, ID – a neck wallet (I was robbed! in an Albergue!)
  • Paper and Pen


  • Camera – battery charger or lithium (get them before you leave) – wide angle lenses are great!
  • Phone/music player/recorder/gps – check on roaming, do you really need a phone, ipod , etc? evaluate.  don’t forget batteries if you need them
  • Digital recoder – I used one for a audio diary and to record some sound bites.
  • Watch – band or clip


  • Hat – recommend a wide brim, stuff-able, a Tilley helps identify you as a Canadian!
  • Glasses – bring prescription or a second pair!
  • Hearing aid – bring a prescription, check on batteries
  • Kerchief – multitude of uses


  • Jacket – not too heavy as you layer (unless it is also your rain gear)
  • Base layer – quick dry, wicking
  • Bra – Missus says “get a pro” fitter – The Bra Bar or Diva
  • Shirt – two pair (mix of button up and long-sleeve t), quick dry, UV resistant
  • Fleece – light weight, some are fairly quick drying
  • Rain gear


  • Gloves – consider if you are are using sticks

Lower Body

  • Base layer – quick dry, two, or three, wicking
  • Pants – two pair, quick dry, UV resistant, convertible (same colour), no jeans!
  • Shorts – if pants are not convertible
  • Bathing suit – your call


  • Socks – Dual-layer, multiple pairs, lotions and gel, wicking, Comfree
  • Shoes – Get help from a professional. Find a shoe early – get a second pair or after a week or so of training put them aside until a week or so before you leave for the Camino. Don’t forget inserts if you use them
  • Sandal – Avoid flips-flops, you still need the support. Teva, Keen, Merrel, etc