Day 29 - Arzua

Day 29 – Arzua

Morag, Peter, Keith, and I had breakfast in the albergue hall as it is Sunday and most places are closed. Then we headed off and were out the door before 7 am. The walking was fine, and mist once again…

Day 30 - Arca

Day 30 – Arca

I am sitting in cold rainy Arca now… The day started a little bit later than normal, as we had only to complete 20 km today. So, we slept in until 6:30, packed up, and stayed in a café drinking…

Day 31 - Santiago de Compestella

Day 31 – Santiago de Compestella

I did it. We left Arca late this morning (late for the Camino that is) at about 7:30 or so. Things started badly as after about a kilometre on the road I noticed that I had left my satchel somewhere….

The Couple in Belorado

The Couple in Belorado

I thought people might be interested in this story. Keith and Kim both walk at a fast pace, they can´t seem to help it. This placed them in towns before most other walkers. When they arrived at Belorado, they were…

Day 32 - Bittersweet

Day 32 – Bittersweet

I attended noon mass today. It was an exhausting event. I´m not sure why exactly, but fellow pilgrims have reported the same feeling. We went our own ways for the afternoon and I walked the streets of Santiago, looking at…

Day 33 - Finisterre

Day 33 – Finisterre

I have just arrived back in Santiago from Finisterre. I took the early bus to Finisterre. The bus wove up and down along the route up the coast to Cee. It then moved across the little mini-peninsula to Finisterre. The…