Carved Doors in PalaceThe streets are wonderfully small. We watched a mini van try to turn up the street we are living above. They had to fold the mirrors to squeeze through and even so, there was a scratch along one side. There´s a rat´s nest of small crowded streets just beside the cathedral that sell almost all the same stuff. I think it´s all made in China.

We sat outside a bar last night, chatting with a couple from Holland. He is a Brit, she´s Dutch. They had their 15-month tot with them. Beer was cheap, and they kept bringing us free food with beer. Tapas! There´s an amazing amount of people on the streets here at night – makes Winnipeg seem so small. Sort of like Little Italy on a soccer final night except if the area was the entire downtown.

The kids like the bakeries. They like the pick-up food and strangely eat less, but better. There´s something to be said about this lifestyle…