Spanish Notes

Spanish Notes

A few notes about Spain.

Bathrooms in public places often do not have toilet paper, nor soap in the dispenser, nor towels (or the dryer does not work). The lights are on timers so they can turn off at inconvenient moments, and often there is no toilet seat ring, only a porcelain bowl. I have only encountered one old-style squatter, and that was in Leon.

From what I can tell, all bars serve coffee, and all cafes serve beer and spirits. It is not uncommon to see public workers stopping in for one quick drink before or during work. I saw a police officer have a lunch time beer and three postal workers have a morning coffee and shot. This is apparently normal.

People here are really very friendly and helpful. Especially with pilgrims. People will literally go way out of their way to help you here.

The food is amazing here – from the sandwiches to the daily or pilgrim menus – they are all good. Wine is usually very good and the wine you get with one of the meals is often very local. So much so that there are no labels on the bottles.