Day 18 – León

Day 18 – León

Market in the PlazaThe Camino does what the Camino does. As I was waiting for the bus to take me to León this morning, in walked Peter and Morag. Morag´s ankle is starting to get inflamed so they decided it would be best to bus the last bit of the walk to León and to take a rest day. I provided her with some of my Ibuprofen 600s and we climbed onto the bus and chatted a bit and relaxed.

We hit León in fairly short order and we gathered our gear and set off to cross the river. The river in León is a lovely area with green space on both side and what looks like hydro electric stations along it. We passed a small plaza and set about looking for a café to have some food and drink. We found a lovely little cafe and we each had two cafe con leche and tortilla. It was a very nice meal and the conversation and the company were great. We discussed both faith and politics and I’m sure we were there for at least an hour. Afterwards, we continued our walk to the Cathedral and set off to find our respective beds.

Keith and I have booked a double room in a pensione. It is worn, somewhat clean, and cheap. All good. The big plus to the room is it overlooks the Plaza Mayor and you can see the top of the León Cathedral in a few blocks over. I arrived before Keith, but I spotted him walking across the plaza towards us while I was sitting on the balcony. Later, Keith pointed out that I put far too much faith in that balcony, which is most likely true. However, it was so nice to sit on this tiny balcony in the shade of the pensione watching the market below me.

Yarr!Keith and I set off to explore a bit and to find someplace to backup my photos onto a disk. We toured the maze that is the side-streets in León and almost got lost once or twice. Along the way we found a nice little sporting goods shop. Keith picked up a very nice poncho that has an expandable hump for his pack and I picked up a pack cover.. We found a nice little bookshop that sold pen and paper, an British newspaper, a cool female pirate statue in front of a novelty shop (photo op!), a camera store near the river that transferred by photos, and on the way back to the pensione we hit upon a nice little neighborhood bar that had very good lomo bocadillos, so we ate. Back at the pensione we sat about reading and writing postcards. I also wrote a letter to Sandy and package the CD to be sent home.

We went off to post the stuff and met with Birgit. Off we went sightseeing with Birgit. We hit the old walls and followed them about and back toward the cathedral.

Then at 7:00 we met with Peter and Morag, Birgit, Katie, and Ellen (from Sweden?). During dinner I decided to exchange my pack cover for a poncho like Keith’s. Fortunately the restaurant was right beside the sporting goods shop. It was a nice dinner, and said our farewells to Birgit, Ellen, and Katie as they would head off in the morning.

Soundscape: León Open Air Market