Day 16 - Sahagun - Rest Day

Day 16 – Sahagun – Rest Day

Iglesia de San TirsoLast night was somewhat strange. Late night Spanish television is bizarre, especially if you don’t speak Spanish. It is filled with call-in money games and bad adventure movies with women in tank tops, and a more than fair share of how-to-speak-English programming. However, and although it may have been the painkillers, watching an English animation movie about two Spaniards dubbed into Spanish just seemed somewhat surreal. There I was in the middle of the night watching Road to El Dorado on Spanish TV.

Early this morning I finally dragged myself in to see a doctor. Nice guy and with some pantomime we were able to communicate. He proscribed another huge dose of ibuprofen (600 mg 3 times per day for 3 days) and three days of rest. I´m working on my second day (if you include the light day of travelling by train to Sahagun). So, I should be able to walk either tomorrow or the day after that.

I am going to have to take a train or bus to get to the point (most likely Leon) in order to get to Santiago on time, but I’ve come to terms with that. Sometimes I wonder why I just didn’t do the official Camino from Sarria to Santiago. It is only about 120 km, but no, Michael has to do things the hard way and try for the 950 km or so route. Go figure.

After visiting the doctor, I stopped in at the corner café for some breakfast and down time. Then I did some shopping, cleaned my gear up a bit, and then lazed around the centre of town until almost noon. There was a nice little bench right beside the municipal albergue. I lay there and watched the incredibly blue sky while listening to some songs on my headphones, most memorably What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. It truly was a glorious day with a lovely sun and a calming little breeze. I lay there for quite some time watching the swallows swoop through the sky; flying in and out of their nests that lay within the corrugated tile roof of the alburge.

Finally I decided that I need to move again and I walked up to look at the bullring and to lounge by the train overpass until I decided that a mid-afternoon cerveza was in order. On to the corner café. I wish I could remember what it was called. It was on the corner of Calle de Antonio Nicolás and Av de la Constitutión, but the name escapes me.

Sun & Cerveza, Life is Good.While sitting there I spotted Mette! After a big hug, I walked her down to the Alfonso so she could get a room there as well. I then moved back to the café again while she settled in and rested. While sitting there I spotted Keith and soon after Birgit. So we sat for a nice cerveza in the sun. We were joined later my Mette and a German lady named Sarah. Finally, Peter and Morag passed by and joined us and talk turned to dinner.

We wandered a bit looking for a place and found one that advertised paella. We should have known something was wrong when the waiter pointed out that most of the menu was not available; no paellas left, just some of the pizzas, and certain pasta dishes. He even told us now many he had left of each; after he checked the big drugstore style ice cream freezer with the sliding top. Yup, all the food there was microwave dinners. We even had to send one back – I think it was Sarah’s – as it wasn’t fully defrosted, much less heated. The wine was bad too.

We went for a walk about to banish the memory of the meal and see the sights. We ended up at the café for a nightcap. Finally, off to bed and meds.