Day 15 - Sahagun

Day 15 – Sahagun

Fromista Train StationMorning:

Well, it is morning in Fromista and I’m not walking today.

I left the pensione early in order to catch the train. Seeing people start the trail this morning while I was stuck taking the train bothered me a fair bit. I know I’m doing the right thing, but it is still hard watching them walk away.
I expected the train at about 7:00, but it seems to be Sunday (who knew?) so the train will not be coming until about 11:00. So, I’m sitting in a café having café con leche and tortilla. There are a few other pilgrims about. They are the late starters who seem to be wise enough to sleep in and start a bit later. More power to them; wish I could do that! Nevertheless, somewhere between 5:00 and 6:00 my eyes pop open.

So the plan is to take a train to Palencia and then transfer to a train to Sahagun. The others should arrive in Sahagun sometime tomorrow.


The Fromista train station is actually quite pretty. I got there early and noticed three or four other injured pilgrims. As well, I saw a group of tourigrinos. They were easy to spot as their packs and equipment were spotless and they had two tour guides with them. I hope that these people don’t stay in the albergues. No walking (or cycling), no albergue.

Palencia is a pretty city and the train station is right beside a lovely park that I had the pleasure of walking through. I then sat in the train station café and had some tonica and a bocadillo. The tonic was fine, but the sandwich couldn’t hold a candle to the ones you get in the small towns. It came from some vending company somewhere else in the city, wrapped in plastic. Oh well. I caught my next train and was off to Sahagun.

Sahagun Train StationWhen I got here, I looked for a hostel or hotel. I lucked out and found the Alfonso VI. I went in to ask about rates for two nights, and was originally quoted 35 euros per night, but he looked at my limp and my pack and changed it to 30 euros. People are really nice to pilgrims here. The owner and his wife seem to run the place on the their own. They have cheap internet available, so I was able to exchange a fair number of e-mails with Sandy today. That improved my mood a lot.

After a rest I walked about the town and did some shopping for supper and tomorrow’s breakfast. Sahagun is a lovely little town with a lot of character and some very beautiful buildings. I walked down some older streets looking for the medical clinic (which was closed – so I have to go early tomorrow) and found some cool graffiti. I went to the café that is on the corner just down from the hostal and had a beer and some snacks. Now I’m off to rub on some ibuprofen gel, pop some pills, and go to bed.