Day 11 - Atapuerca

Day 11 – Atapuerca

MeI’m sitting in Atapuerca in the main kitchen. I was to be in a semi-private area, but I was uncomfortable sharing a room with a woman. I’ve been in a room with several women, but that just meant that there were chaperones, in this case there wouldn’t have been one, so I switched for a bunk with Alex.

The walk today seemed long, which really it was; 30 km. I am doing well enough though. I was walking with Anne, Mo, and Danny. They help me from going off like a fool at high-speed.

We intended to walk to San Juan de Ortega and the last 12 km to get there was flat, boring, and hot. We were very much looking forward to a bed and shower. However, when we arrived, we found that the priest had recently died and the refugio was closed. It is hard to find out that you suddenly have a 30 km day when you are mentally prepared for a 24 km day. Sigh.

I shared some bread and cheese with my walking companions and we drank water and tonica while reviewing our options.

My companions opted for a ride. I opted to walk, just to see how I would do. Danny was able to ensure we would have rooms at the albergue, bless her and her cell phone, and they snagged a ride from a kind Spaniard.

I waved to them and headed on. The next part of the walk was not too bad. It had more shade than earlier in the day and it was very pretty. I noticed that at one point while I was leaving a wooded area that the clouds seem to race away from the tree tops at an unnaturally high speed. I assume it was some sort of optical illusion, but it was very cool.

Dinner in AtapuercaI found myself at Ages. A very pretty little place, but the albergue was full. Ah well, only 4 km to Atapuerca. I had to stop halfway though as I was close to done.

When I walked into Atapuerca, Mo gave me a cheer and a beer. It started to rain.

In the evening Mo, Anne, Danny, and Alex decided to make dinner and asked me to join them. So we went to the store and picked up supplies. They would  nt let me pay for the food or do anything as they said it was to repay the small kindnesses I’ve done for them along the way. It felt nice.

We had a lovely spaghetti dinner with wine and a fair amount of laughs, and then we sat around while Anne checked us for blisters. Ah, life on the Camino.

I stayed at: Albergue de Atapuerca

Soundscape: Water and Birds