Day 10 - Belorado

Day 10 – Belorado

Cafe con Leche & a BocadilloOnly did another 22 km today, and I took a nice eight hours to do it in. These gave me an opportunity to rest and air my blisters often. It was worth it.

I traveled with Anne and Mo for most of the day and we hit several small villages in a row. This morning I had a wonderful coffee con leche and a boccadillo with cheese in Grañon with them and we looked in on a wonderful small village church. It was amazing. The artisans knew how to build a sense of wonder, and this was just in a small village!

The walk was sunny today and it wound through the green hills and fields on a gravel path.

In Villamayor del Rio, the last little village before Belorado, Moe, Anne, and I sat in the tiny central square, ate fruit, and watched numerous village dogs and cats. We had never seen so many in one place in Spain.

Belorado AlbergueI ended up in a new albergue that seems almost like a resort. There is even a pool. I am not used to this. There is a nice computer lounge and the laundry it all new. The bunk beds are stable and all is good in the world. I had a beer in the afternoon sun with Danny, Mo, and Anne which we followed up with a nice paella dinner that Morag and Peter joined us for. The paella was universally loved.

Then I retired out to the patio to have a drink with Peter and Morag and they described their jobs in more detail. They are both working in climate research, which in my mind is not only a timely field to be in, but a vital one also. They described how they are working on models to track different gasses in the atmosphere, as well as some history and stories about work others have done in climatology; efforts such as tracking down climate information from medieval manuscripts and records and how someone is actually taking regular air samples and sealing them so we have a record we can go back to. Very cool stuff.

Soundscape: Road to Belarado