Day 9 - Santo Domingo de la Calzada

Day 9 – Santo Domingo de la Calzada

The Quickest Dinner on the CaminoThis morning Anne checked my feet again (she rocks), and I headed out for Santo Domingo de la Calzada (a chicken was resurrected here). The sky was grey the entire day and I had to pack well with all my electronics deep into the pack. I stopped for an OJ and an amazing croissant in Azorfra, and then did a nonstop 15 km walk to the city. At one point the mud became incredible for several kilometres. I mean it was really deep, and thick, and stuck to my shoes like nothing had before. I tried to walk on the grassy edges, but so had everyone in front of me, so they were not much better. It was a bit tough, but fun at the same time.

Good day, 22km in about 4 hours.

When I arrived in Santo Domingo I joined Keith and Kim while we waited for the albergue to open. We stood around and talked about the obvious tourigrinos. They particularly stood out as anyone who walked today would have mud up to at least their ankles.

The albergue is nice and it even comes with three roosters to wake us up. It is considered good luck if you hear one as you leave in the morning.

Anne and Mo found room at the albergue that is run by the local convent; it is just down the street. Anne again had to tend to my feet, but I’m happy to say that my knees seem to have completely healed! Yea! We sat about and drank some wine.

Married TreesI went out for a walk, and ended up in a small bar looking for some cerveza and food. I was starving. So, I looked at the tapas that were sitting under glass at the bar. I asked for one that seemed to be some kind of fritter. The owner looked at me and stated, “Porco”. Hey, I like pork, and said “Si!” He looked at me again and said “Porco” and rapped his knuckles on the counter. I nodded, “Si”. So I took my food and beer and sat down. I guess I should have seen this coming, or figured it out, but I was tired I guess, so I ended up sitting there with pig’s feet in front of me. Well, I did try them. Not my thing, but the bread and beer were good.

So I went back to finish my laundry and get washed for dinner.

Well, dinner was not a great success. The company was great, but the food and service was okay at best. Of course, this is the same restaurant where earlier in the day I ordered pig’s feet. Should have known…

After dinner we did a walk about, as it was earlier than normal, and I ended up having a few beers with Danny Birgit, and Keith. Lovely time.

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