Day 7 - Logroño

Day 7 – Logroño

Iglesia del Santo SepulcroI left Los Arcos in the early morning. It was still dark in the streets and the sky was a wonderful dark blue. As I was walking over the bridge, the bells of the cathedral rang out behind me. It was a wonderful start and the walk to Torres del Rio went well. Yea pain killers! The trail was nice and the weather was pleasant.

When I arrived at Torres del Rio I sat at a cafe, tended to my blisters over a cafe con leche, and said hello to some fellow travellers that I had been seeing off and on. Once my body was tended to, I donned my pack and set out to look at the Iglesia del Santo Sepulcro. It is a very nice Romanesque church reputedly of Templar origin. It is and interesting octagonal shape and nice stone work. My friend Rick is interested in the myths and fables that surround the order so I took many photos for him. I also noted that there is a Templar-themed bar which was unfortunately closed when I walked through.

Along the way to Viana I chanced upon Peter and Morag. We stopped in Viana and had a little lunch while relaxing in a small plaza with a fountain and some tables and benches. Just before we got to Logrono, we passed what I later learned is a Camino institution, the fig stop of Felisia. The site was overseen by a woman called Felisia. She provided figs and took donations. She had her own sello that says “Felisia – Higos-Aqua y Amor” (Figs, water and love.) Felisa has passed on but her daughter Maria now sits at the rickety table outside a little farmhouse. The stamp is still one of the most sought after on the Camino. I didn’t get me credential stamped as I am trying to only stamp overnight stays and cathedrals, but Morag and Peter got stamps.

By the time we arrived at Logroño, there was no room left at the albergue so I luckily got some space with Danny, Mette, and Birgit in a hotel. We sat around for a fair bit just chatting in the hotel and we did a short walk about in the late afternoon. We were surprised by the amount of people in the streets in the evening. There were people everywhere, strolling, shopping, signing, etc. They were simply enjoying their city. I wish Winnipeg was like this, but there is not a lot of will to better the downtown there.

Soundscape: Bells of the Los Arcos Cathedral

Soundscape: Logroño Street