Day 6 - Los Arcos

Day 6 – Los Arcos

Los Arcos ApartmentOff to Los Arcos. A wonderful day! My knees barely bothered me and the weather was grand! On the way I encountered Camino John. John is a retired Englishman who, since he retired eight years ago, spends April to October of each year driving up and down the Camino in his camper offering pilgrims water, coffee, rest, and water. He is an angel!

Made it to Los Arcos, but the town is full. No room at the inn, the Albergue, or the hotel.

I wandered about wondering where I was going to end up when I met a small group of people also looking for a place to stay. One gent stood out of the group as he seemed the most comfortable in the situation as he speaks Spanish. His name is Keith and we followed him about as he talked with locals in the hopes of finding a spot or the local priest in hope of getting some help. In the end Keith found people a place to stay in a garage while I got lucky and was able to share an apartment with some others, thanks to Danny who chanced upon the right person at the right time. It is wonderful!

I had a nice dinner with Kim, Mette, Danny, Morag and Peter.

Happy birthday to me. Danny and Mette both wished me a happy birthday and Danny gave me a small pilgrim’s pin which I put on my satchel strap. They were the only two that knew it was my birthday.

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