Lovely Cirauqui

Day 5 – Estella

Street in EstellaIt was a nice day of walking, my knees were just twinging on the inclines and the birds were singing.

In the first half of the walk I chanced upon Anne and Mo. They were having some problems with over packing. They had a bit more food than they needed. Since I had a relatively light load, I took their food and promised to meet them in Lorca. We had a nice lunch and I had a lovely ice cream while sitting in the shade in front of a very pretty albergue.

In the afternoon I travelled with Kathrina, Johann, and Patrice. They were very nice company and fun to walk with.

Estella is a lovely city and I was set up in the municipal albergue. The albergue is also a sport centre, so I enjoyed nice showers for a change. However, the municipal albergue is on the far edge of town. Which is good for the morning as it gives you a head start on the day. However, I estimate that it is a good 2-3 km round trip to the town centre. I made this trip several times. First to visit the town centre, then back to the albergue to have dinner, then back to town centre for supper when it turned out that dinner at the albergue was all booked, and then finally back to the albergue to go to bed. All with pained knees of course… Long day, but I slept well.

Soundscape: Walking

Soundscape: Bird

Soundscape: Bird