Day 3 - Pamplona

Day 3 – Pamplona

Street in PamplonaWalked with Mette for a fair bit today and we had several wide-ranging conversations covering everything under the sun. She introduced me to a German woman named Danny who is carrying a huge pack almost bigger than herself. Wow!

However, I screwed up today and I was not prepared. There was none of the expected stores or cafés along the way and I ended up with nothing but 12 dried apricots and water for the day; everything is closed. Perhaps it is a holiday. Not good. I’m going to have to watch that in the future. I only had a handful of dried apricots to get the 22 km to Pamploma. By the time I got here, I was a wreck and unable to focus.

It is almost 5 pm now, I’m famished, and a light-headed. I even got lost a few times on the way here, but the Spanish people are very friendly and helpful. One woman who saw me going the wrong way yelled across a very busy street to get me going the right way. I didn’t even know I was lost at that point.

Still missing Sandy, the kids, and Max…

Long, long day today.