Day 2 - Zubiri

Day 2 – Zubiri

Amazing PanderiaI left Roncesvalles on a dark misty morning. It was mostly cloudy, a little cool, and rained just a little bit today. It was lovely. I soon came across Burguete, the town that Hemingway loved so much. I had my first café con leche, and a warm chocolate pastry of some sort. Heaven!

For lunch I stopped in a village and had a bread and cheese roll with an Irishman named Jamie, and a fat dog.

But even though the terrain was wonderful, the day got worse for me as my knees steadily got worse. It isn’t too bad when the trail is level, but any incline makes it hurt a lot. Every step was like slipping a needle into each knee and I started to wonder whether my Camino would end so quickly. Along the way I was encouraged by Morag and Peter as we passed each other along the trail. As well I met Mette (from Denmark) who kindly traveled with me several times and helped keep my mind on things other than the pain. I walk slower than Rick with his cane at that point. At the end of a long day moving it took me almost an hour to travel the last 3/4 km to the final destination for the day, Zubiri.

Dinner in ZubiriAt the Farmacia I was given ibuprofen (900mg three times per day) to use with my codeine. It took away some of the pain and swelling, but not all. I also picked up some ear plugs, but with the pain I still didn’t sleep well.

I had a nice supper in a local café where I met two ladies from Norway (for some reason their names escape me), a Danish gentleman named Kim, Anne, and Mo. Anne and Mo are Canadians from Ontario.

I also met two young Canadians who are spending a year travelling the world and the Camino is one part of the journey. The cool thing is that the lady was raised in Winnipeg.

Soundscape: Walking

Soundscape: Distant Bells