Bayonne to St. Jean Pied de Port

Bayonne to St. Jean Pied de Port

St Jean Pied de PortI sat in Orly for bit and watched the other travellers until my plane boarded.

The flight from Paris to Biarritz was nice and short, thankfully as there were a lot of unhappy children on the plane. The food on Air France is quite different from Air Canada. I had a lovely Greek pita with lox and a nice little peach cake.

Once I landed I quickly found my luggage and caught a cab, whose driver drove like a demon. He made the trip from airport to train station in about six minutes.

From what I saw of Biarritz it look like a beautiful, if tourist, place.

Then after a quick hour-long flight and a zany 6 minute cab ride from the airport to the train station, I was on a train to Bayonne.

I haven’t had the chance to confirm my reservation at the hostel as I was supposed to, hopefully it’ll be okay. There I switched trains and noticed that like me, everyone had a backpack. There is even a man in the next car that is blind. Next stop, St. Jean Pied de Port.

And I lost it. Too long without sleep and I missed my family so much, it was hard. I got freaked and panicked over the upcoming endeavour. Eh, I worked it out for the most part and after a really good dinner and after 30 or so hours of movement, I got some sleep.

I stayed at: L’Esprit du Chemin

Soundscape: Train ride